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A Pile of Bodies, A Pile of Heads (Volume 1)

Let the Bodies Hit the Floor is the latest series from Sinister Smile Press, the creators of The Better Off Dead series. These volumes bring you the very best in horror/slasher/stalker/serial killer crime fiction. The more vicious and bloodier, the better. So, put on your pee-pee pants, because you’re in for one hell of a dark, sinister journey.

A Pile of Bodies, A Pile of Heads – Let the Bodies Hit the Floor, Volume 1 contains stories by Mike Marcus, David Rider, Brian Asman, Bridgett Nelson, Dev Jarrett, K. Mason, Sam Rebelein, Jonathan Rae Rivera, Nick Roberts, R.A. Clarke, Jen Ellwyn, and Ali Seay.

Jen Ellwyn wrote the short story ‘Tilly’ in this volume.

Excerpt From A Pile of Bodies, A Pile of Heads (Volume 1)

They were in a basement populated with medical lights, tarps, and carts full of tools.

Pliers. Scalpels. Syringes.


Oh, God.

“Don’t worry. You won’t feel a thing,” he offered optimistically. He stepped closer to her, and she began to hyperventilate as she noticed what was in his hand.

He held it up proudly, the tip of the needle pointing at the sky. “I’ll make sure of it, this time.”

She tried not to panic, but panic came. It was suffocating. Maddening. As he closed in, her whimpers and whines escalated to screams.

Where to Buy A Pile of Bodies, A Pile of Heads (Volume 1)

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A Pile of Bodies, A Pile of Heads (Volume 1)
Jen Ellwyn Portrait

About Jen Ellwyn

Jen is an emerging writer specializing in horror and fantasy.

Jen works as a freelance video and audio editor, film unit production manager, as well as a stage manager for theatrical productions.


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