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Collective Darkness: A Horror Anthology

Take a journey with us into the twisted mind of horror. Find out what lurks beneath the water in ‘Pond Scum.’ Venture ‘Into The Darkness’ with a man who may or may not have killed his wife. Try to identify the ‘Red Flag’ in the heart-wrenching story about a concerned mother and her deeply-troubled son. Read these stories and many more to know what it truly means to be afraid of the dark.

Collective Darkness: A Horror Anthology is the result of a collaborative effort to jumpstart new and upcoming independent authors.

Jen wrote the short story ‘Polter Geist’ and also engineered the audiobook for Collective Darkness. Released in September of 2020, Collective Darkness reached #1 Amazon Bestseller status within its first week of release and sold over 500 copies in its first month on the market.

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Excerpt From Collective Darkness: A Horror Anthology

Polter Geist

By Jen Ellwyn The inhospitable antique store could be easily mistaken for an indoor cemetery. It was deprived of light and cluttered with cold objects that only served as markers in memoriam of life. Very few mourners entered the store. More often, grave robbers slipped through the barred windows, passing through the panels that were as chilled and transparent as themselves.

One such thief ventured through the glass in this manner. He crept through the narrow aisles of the store while stepping carefully around corners and angling his shoulders to minimize their width in the crowded space. Vases, mirrors, and ornaments of the expensive sort were precariously perched on equally expensive glass shelving. They were each waiting for the slightest encouragement to fall and shatter. Wild-eyed and alert, the thief searched for his target. He also searched for those that would target him. 

He was not alone.

A girl named Mary stood in front of the clerk’s desk, watching the thief with a cryogenic smile.

“Have you come to try again?” she asked with a false innocence.

“You are foolishly reckless, Polter.”

Read more within Collective Darkness!

What Critics are Saying

Collective Darkness will draw you into the shadows and make them your home!

- Angela Hartley, Author of Copper Reign

If you love creepy things that go bump in the dark, you'll get a kick out of these spooky stories that tug at the gossamer threads of fear in your head.

- Dr. Trina Boice, best-selling author of 31 books and author coach

This anthology collects 12 chilling tales that explore the theme of "darkness." Two stand-outs for me were the psychological horror "Red Flag" by K.R. Patterson and Jen Ellwyn's dark fantasy suspence piece "Polter Geist."

- @jeffc.carter on Instagram

The stories in Collective Darkness explore the shadows, while peeking behind the veil of the supernatural. (...) There are some real homegrown takes on terror, each of which have been cultivated to perfection. (...) Polter Geist, by Jen Ellwyn, is a personal favourite. A completely original take on the poltergiest, as a thieving ghost attempts to steal a vase from a shop without being caught, as if he is still alive. The shadows in this tale are the humans through the eyes of the ghosts!

- @d.a.butcher_author on Instagram

This is a collection of stories by authors that were all new to me. These stories range from spooky to spine chilling. There is plenty of variety for everyone. Anyone who enjoys reading paranormal will enjoy these stories. They are all short but they tell a complete story.

- @fallen_star_book_reviews on Instagram

Collective Darkness: A Horror Anthology is a collection of stories that range from the mildly spooky to the ones that will give you full body chills. These stories are just screaming to be read out loud to your friends or family to share in the creepiness!

- @ericarobynreads on Instagram

This book reminded me of the adult version of the book Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. It's so gross - and completely horrifyingly wonderful.

- @maggiethereader on Instagram

This Anthology of Horror stories was perfect for a different bedtime read each night (...) Each story long enough to get your teeth into but short enough to finish in half hour before bed. (...) Very dark, thought provoking and more psychological horror with my personal favourites being Pond Scum, Red Flag & Into The Dark.

- @spooky_dooky_reads on Instagram

Collective Darkness: A Horror Anthology
Jen Ellwyn Portrait

About Jen Ellwyn

Jen is an emerging writer specializing in horror and fantasy.

Jen works as a freelance video and audio editor, film unit production manager, as well as a stage manager for theatrical productions.


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